Friday, February 22, 2013

Lapidary, Casting, Oh My!

In a chaotic moment brought on by my lovely children, I decided to sign up for community outreach class offered by the local community college.  They offered advanced jewelry and lapidary and casting....I figured since there is nothing advanced about my jewelry knowledge, I chose lapidary. I had zero expectations out of this class, more than anything it gave me some alone time from the kids. I never expected to be hooked after my first class! OMG, I had soooo much fun. The class is four hours long and once a week for six weeks. The class consisted mostly retired folks(I think 4 in total) and everyone signed up pretty much so they could use the equipment. They needed little teaching, so basically I had a personal teacher just helping me. After this one class I was ready to buy lapidary equipment! Ok, I have to recover from all the silver I have bought and not to mention the camera equipment. Oh and did I mention this class only cost $106? So worth it. Anyway I chose to start with polishing stones. I cut them in the shape I wanted and sanded and polished them. Maybe next week I will cast a pendant for one of these stones? Good thing I have a bunch of silver lying around! ;)


Dawn Paoletta said...

Wow, beautiful! And like therapy at a bargain price- creating and learning new things always feels therapeutic and refreshing to me!